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Variable Frequency Drive(VFD)can also be widely used in transmission, lifting, extrusion and machine tools and other mechanical equipment control fields, it can improve the process level and product quality, reduce the impact and noise of equipment, prolong the service life of equipment. After using


VFDs (variable frequency drives) can provide a lost of advantages, claim manufacturers. They cite substantially improved energy efficiency, better performance and reliability, reduced maintenance costs, enhanced operating flexibility and lower emissions — to name but a few benefits. For some applica


PLCs are computer control systems with numerous inputs that allow you to monitor and control different final elements from one device. PLCs often have both digital and analog inputs that allow the user to connect either transmitters or switches, and must be programmed by the user to determine the en


VFDs provide a wide range of energy efficiency benefits. The use of these drives in any industry and application leads to better efficiency of the process. However, the power requirement is often changed in the result of deployment of the drive as per user requirement for the distribution system, wh

The company's main business covers high, medium and low voltage variable frequency drives, servo drives, solar inverters and related products.

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