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VFD Benefits in Extruders, Agitators, Reciprocating/Displacement pumps

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VFD Benefits in Extruders, Agitators, Reciprocating/Displacement pumps

VFDs (variable frequency drives) can provide a lost of advantages, claim manufacturers. They cite substantially improved energy efficiency, better performance and reliability, reduced maintenance costs, enhanced operating flexibility and lower emissions — to name but a few benefits.

For some applications variable frequency drives are predetermined solutions, such as for extruders, larger reciprocating pumps, displacement pumps and large agitators (»1 kW). However, in other applications the use of variable frequency drives is considered and analyzed. If the machines are frequently operated in partial load the savings potential rises. In individual cases the application of a VFD can reduce the energy costs by 40%.

For most plastic extrusion manufacturing facilities, approximately 30% of the energy consumed can be attributed to extruder motors. If the line is more than five years old, it is more than likely that a direct current (DC) motor is being used as the extruder motor. Today, the majority of extruder machinery manufacturers are installing alternating current (AC) vector motors and VFDs on their extruders instead of DC systems. There are multiple reasons that they are making this change, but the biggest reasons are lower costs and better performance of the VFD.

The company's main business covers high, medium and low voltage variable frequency drives, servo drives, solar inverters and related products.

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