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  • Pumps And Fans
    1,Load Feature:(1) Both of them belong to fluid control.(2) If without VFD, fluid is controlled by valve or baffles(3) For less fluid required system, there will be more energy saving(4) In theory, if the running frequency is H1, then Energy Saving = 1-(H1/50)3 2:Requests For VFD:(1) Soft start the Read More
  • Plastic Film Blowing Machines
    1, Load featureThere are two parts on plastic film blowing machine can get energy saving:(1) Power driven system, most of this part will install an additional frequency inverter, which make the main motor works at 30~40Hz to get energy saving;(2) Heating system, most of this part will install an ele Read More
  • Plastic Extruder
    1, Load featureThere is a screw rotates in the tube body to push the plastic material move ahead, the screw typewill increase the pressure to overcome the big resistance.Plastic extruder is constant torque load, it needs high output torque, and meantime the temperature on the site is always high and Read More
  • Industrial Washing Machine
    1, Load feature(1) During washing processing, the running frequency is around 10Hz.(2) Heavy load at low frequency.(3) Forward / reverse running are switched frequently.(4) Big surge current.(5) During spinning-dry processing, the running frequency is as high as 130Hz or higher than 130Hz.(6) It alw Read More
  • Hoist Appliction
    1, Features of traditonal system(1) The traditional system works at heavy load for long time, forward and reverse run frequently, the lifetime of the system is short;(2) High failure ratio.(3) Low efficiency, the power factor is less than 0.8.(4) The safety performance is bad. 2, Requests for freque Read More
  • Conveyer Belt
    1,Load Feature:(1) With big fluctuation. (2) Lots of dusts in the operation sites. 2:Requests For VFD:(1) Soft start the motor, reduce the surge current, protect the motor and conveyer.(2) Big output torque at low frequency, it should run smoothly during working.(3) Motor speed can be adjusted by ex Read More
  • Constant Pressure Water Supply
    1, Load feature(1) PID function is required.(2) There is a pressure sensor in the system.(3) In theory, if the running frequency is H1, then Energy Saving = 1-(H1/50)3 2, Requests for frequency inverters (VFD)(1) Soft start the motor, reduce the surge current.(2) PID control should be stable and acc Read More
  • CNC Machine
    1, Load featureCNC machine is a mechanical-electrical integrated system include mechanic, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology, it has the features of high accuracy, highly automated and highly flexible.2, Requests for inverters (VFD)(1) It can work normally Read More
  • Circular Knitting Machine
    1, Load featureCircular Knitting Machine is widely used in the textile industry, it’s usually started by external signal, speed iscontrolled by external analog signal.The running speed is high, start torque is high, and also the system always needs fast stop. 2, Requests for AC Drive (VFD)(1) Big ou Read More
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The company's main business covers high, medium and low voltage variable frequency drives, servo drives, solar inverters and related products.

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