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Application in improving process level and product quality

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Application in improving process level and product quality

Variable Frequency Drive(VFD)can also be widely used in transmission, lifting, extrusion and machine tools and other mechanical equipment control fields, it can improve the process level and product quality, reduce the impact and noise of equipment, prolong the service life of equipment. After using VFD to control the speed, the mechanical system is simplified, operation and control is more convenient, and some can even change the original process specifications, so as to improve the function of the whole equipment. For example, setting machines for textile and many industries, the temperature is regulated by changing the amount of hot air into the machine. 

The transmission of hot air is usually used by circulating fan. Because the fan speed is unchanged, the number of hot air is only adjusted by the damper. If there is throttle regulation failure or improper regulation, it will cause the setting machine out of control, thus affecting the quality of finished products. The circulating fan starts at high speed, and the wear between the belt and the bearing is very severe, making the belt become a consumable product. After adopting frequency conversion, temperature regulation can be realized by automatically adjusting the fan speed by VFD, which solves the problem of product quality. In addition, the VFD can easily realize the start of the fan at low frequency and low speed and reduce the wear between the belt and the bearing, but also prolong the service life of the equipment, and can save 40% energy.

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